Which Rug?

Which Rug?

Which canvas is which?

Are you confused about the types of canvas offered by Skye Park Rugs?

To help you choose the Skye Park Rug that is going to offer your horse the features which will keep him safe and comfortable all year long please see below for descriptions of the various material used to produce our superior canvas rugs:


All rugs in our Equestrian and Stayer range of rugs are manufactured using this quality Austalian Made 18oz Ripstop Cotton Canvas. This is the toughest rug material that Skye Park produce and you will get many years of use from this rug. It is ideally suited to those horses who are a tough on their rugs, or if you are just tired of buying new rugs every season.


We use this lighter, but still waterproof canvas in the Victory range of rugs both lined and unlined and also in the Foxfield rugs. Rawhide canvas is a Australian Proofed 12oz ripstop and is exactly the same in all three of the above ranges, the difference between them is simply the colour.

Oxford Canvas - OXFORD RANGE

This excellent 12oz ripstop canvas is an imported base cloth which is water proofed locally. It has been manufactured especially for Skye Park Rugs, after having been made to our strict specifications. It is a softer canvas which lends itself beautifully to the unlined range, and still having excellent water resistance. Because this is an imported material this allows the Oxford Range of to be a more budget orientated purchase, whilst still having the great Skye Park fittings and legendary fit.


So what is Core Spun Canvas??? When the threads that are used to weave canvas are spun most Poly/Cotton canvas materials are blended and spun into a thread, similar to what you imagine a spinning wheel creating.  Core Spun canvas is cotton pulp spun around a polyester thread core.  These threads are then tightly woven to create a very tough waterproof material.  The advantage of this to our Elleet horse rug is the strength that this polyester thread gives the canvas without extra weight and thickness of an 18 or 22oz, and that the cotton around the core expands and gives better waterproofing while still maintaining excellent breathability.

Bullduck 12 or 16oz

Stronger and a bit tougher than normal ripstop canvas. Named for the strength of a bull and the water resitance of a duck.  A stiffer canvas, the 16oz is an excellent choice for rug wreckers. Austalian Proofed

Endure Range

16oz Grey canvas that has excellent waterproofing and moulds beautifully to the horse.  Its best feature, the canvas is wider than normal so we are able to make it with a small extra drop of approximately 10cm(4") at no extra charge.  Ideal for big bodied horses or needing extra coverage of under rugs.

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