Which Extras

Which Extras

Which Extras

Double Trim

Wool and cotton travel rugs and Skye Park saddle cloths are always bound in a single colour of your choice. You can add an additional trim in a colour of your choice on all of these products to add that touch of class, to match your club colours, or just because it looks stylish. 

The inner colour is the strongest being approximately 25mm wide while the outer colour (piping) is approximately 13mm wide. Skye Park has a huge range of colours to choose from, please give us a call if you have any special requirements. You can chose two different colours, the same colour to give a wider trim or a outer trim the same colour as the rug giving a striking piped affect. 

Safety Back Fittings

Usually added to canvas winter rugs, either PVC or Leather, these allow leg strap adjustment to be made from the center of the rug, not between the legs as usual, so much safer and more convenient. The leg strap is fastened by pushing a “D” though a slot, from under the rug and securing it with a single strap – very quick and easy with no moving parts to break or get filled up with mud.

Available as an extra on most Skye Park Rugs

Extra Drop

Some horse owners like their horses to have extra length (drop) in their rugs, whilst this is an excellent idea for those larger or wider animals the average horse will not need this addition when using Skye Park as our rugs have an excellent drop to ensure the rug finishes just below the elbow, so there is no loose material to get wet or caught on things or get in the horse’s way when getting up and down.

Available as an extra on all Skye Park Rugs. 

Tent Tail Flap

A three piece tail flap which is attached to the rug much further down to ensure that the wind can not lift it. These tail flaps give excellent all round protection and will keep the top of the tail nice and neat. When a rug is fitted correctly sometimes a bit of his rump will be out of the back when the head is down grazing, so the tent tail flap will make sure that this bit is kept as covered as the rest of him. It is important to ensure that you rug is not too big when using a tent tail flap, that is, that the back seam finishes at the very top of the horses tail, not hanging over his tail, as this will make it too heavy for your horse to lift the tail and you will find that he will poo in it all the time.

Available as an extra on all Skye Park Rugs. 

Shoulder Gussets

The addition of gussets to any rug allows greater movement throught the shoulder when the horse is moving so will help to alleviate shoulder rubbing. Particularly useful when you have a very solid horse. An excellent idea for your top rugs either canvas, winter warrrier or synthetic.

Not really necessary for use in dress rugs as the horse is usually not moving very much when in these rugs. The addition of gussets into a rug which is to be used under other rugs can cause problems ie: a cotton, the top rugs will cause the gussets to open up and the neckline will move back on the horse's wither and can cause a soreness, so as a general rule, only use gussets in your outer rugs. Available as an extra on most Skye Park Rugs. 

Satin Shoulders

Many horse owners like to add satin lined shoulders to their rugs in the hope that this will stop the unsightly rubbing out of the point of the shoulder. If your rug fits, the satin is unnecessary as your horses shoulders will not rub out and if it does not then the satin probably wont help a great deal. A better alternative is a satin bib of some sort. Being satin, this material does not have the life of a cotton or canvas, so should the satin wear out in your satin shoulders, it is quite a major thing to have it replaced, whereas a bib can just be changed.

Available as an extra on all Skye Park Rugs. 


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