Winter Undies

  • Winter UndiesWinter Undies

    Winter Undies

    Are you sick of using one of your lovely summer white sheets under your winter rugs, only to have them get filthy from the mud!
    This limited offer rug is your answer, made from heavy duty, 100% Cotton, webing leg straps and a PVC front fitting, reinforced neckline, Neck rug Dees

    It has an overall approximately 4" shorter drop, so no 'bits' hanging out of the bottom of your winter rugs to get wet and dirty and being pure natural cotton it is great against your horse's skin.
    Supplied in various dark coloured materials

    All with the great Skye Park quality and fit
    $75 each

    No Exchange or return on special tailor made sizes, extra drop or 7' & over


    Tail bag fittings  $5
    Tail Bag fittings are available and are supplied with prickly (male)Velcro, as all Skye Park Tail bags are supplied with Soft Velcro, so Prickly is required on rug if using Skye Park Tail Bags
    Please advise if you require alternative
    Synthetic Winter Tail Bag  $25
    Recommended for Winter Use - Comes unlined as has smooth inner.
    When ordering a Tail bag, the TBF will automatically be attached to your rug so there is no need to order a TBF with your rug.

    Not available through stores, Direct from Skye Park only

    ## PLEASE NOTE##
    Winter undies are manufactured from a pure cotton with no ripstop so do not have the strength of a normal summer sheet

    Rug Size - Please Select
    Tail Bag Options
    Matching Neck Rug
    Optional Taffeta Shoulders
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