Does It Fit?

Does It Fit?

Does your horses rug really fit?

A well fitting rug will not move and will not rub your horse's shoulder, hip, chest or wither. If you have any of these issues, your rug is not fitting correctly.  To help ensure your horse is comfortable and your rug will stay put, please note the pictures below.

The Tail flap of this rug has been tucked in to show where the back seam of the rug should be positioned.  The cheek of the buttock will often protrude past the back of the rug when fitted correctly
Tail Flap pulled out to show correct position
A very well fitting neckline sitting well up on the neck, clear of the shoulder, doing up snuggly under the neck,  with the shoulder gussets correctly positioned on the point of the shoulder.
The front of the rug should be done up with a small gap snuggly, where the gullet meets the chest.
A very well fitting rug. 16.1hh ASH mare with a shortish backline and fine neck taking a standard Skye Park 6' rug.

As a general guide only please see below for sizing, things such as the horses conformation, breed and weight can effect our recommended sizing. Skye Park rugs are very generous in the cut and we make allowances for both seam take up and any shrinkage which may occur, as a general rule you will usually need a rug one size smaller than other popular brands. Skye Park can also make especially designed rugs for breeds such as Clydesdales, Fresians, Percherons etc, youngstock with their little neck and chests, and the odd cow now an then.

Sizes listed are approximate only, your horses breed, age and condition will have an affect on these suggestions.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your sizing if you are unsure.

11.2 - 12.1hh........4'9"
12 - 13hh..............5'0"
12.3 - 13.2hh........5'3"
13.1 - 14.1hh........5'6"
14 - 15hh..............5'9"
15 - 15.3hh...........6'0"
15.3 - 16.2hh........6'3"
16.2 - 17.2hh........6'6"
17.0 - 17.3hh........6'9"
18.0 -18.2.............7'0" 


Extra small Under 11hh
Small 11-13hh
Small Pony 11-12.2hh - Extra small Head, Small Neck length(suitable for Ponies such as welsh A's)
Medium 13-14.2hh
Large 15-17hh
Extra Large 17hh Plus
Warmblood - Extra Large with more room through Jaw and nose, for horses with more 'bone' through the head area

 Some examples of badly fitting rugs that will cause issues for horse and owner

This mare is a 15hh Welsh cross who normally takes a 5'9 standard rug.  In a 6' rug her shoulder is coming out the front of the rug and the back of the rug ends much too far past her tail.  This rug will slip back on her wither and cause rubbing issues on her shoulders, chest and wither.  The rug will also be inclined to slip to one side because of the extra weight at the back
An overall badly fitting cotton sheet. This rug is too big in general with the neckline sitting much too far back on the horse's wither and too much rug hanging past the join of the horses tail to its rump.  The result, a slipping rug, rubbed shoulders, sore wither and chest sores.
Some customers prefer the neckline of their rugs to be loose to allow 'room' unfortunately, the rug will not stay like this, as soon as the horse moves or another rug is put on top the neck will slip back and up and cause rubbed shoulders, chest sores and wither sores.  Rugs need to be done up snuggly against the horse.
This rug is overall to big for this horse.  As indicated the neckline of this rug is too big and so has allowed the wither area  to slip back and create a pressure point on the top of the wither, this in turn has allowed the chest strap to slip up and this will cause a sore of fluid sac at the front.  The horses shoulder should be completely inside the rug as shown by the imaginary neckline that has been drawne.


Most people assume because their horse has big shoulders or the horse is getting rubbed shoulders the answer it to put shoulder gussets in to their cotton sheets and underrugs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Shoulder gussets in lightweight rugs such as cottons and woollens cause a whole new set of problems. These fabrics do not have enough structure to hold the gusset shape like a canvas rug can.

Below is a lovely fitting neckline of this cotton sheet with shoulder gussets, it has just been put on and horse has not moved.

Unfortunately it does not stay that way. Once the horse moves around or you add a top rug and the sheet settles, the gusset will open up and stay open, allowing the neckline to enlarge. This causes the front strap to slip up into the gullet and the top of the rug to slip back onto the wither causing a sore wither, even to the point of ulcerations.

If you use cottons with gussets, are you always pulling them forward to put them in the right place? 

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